July 12, 2009

When I first saw Sacha Baron Cohen’s Da Ali G Show a couple of years ago, I instantly became a fan of the guy’s work. Pushing unsuspecting interviewees’ buttons for hilarious reactions is nothing new, but Baron Cohen has managed to make it actually important by not focusing on simply pissing people off and instead exposing their prejudices and stupidity. In 2006, he brought the concept to the big screen with Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, which was a great success (heh). Now, Baron Cohen is back in theaters with the still relatively unknown and last of his Da Ali G Show characters, Brüno.

The plot is pretty simple: Brüno, gay Austrian fashion reporter host of the show Funkyzeit mit Brüno, looks for ways to become a “big Hollywood star.” These include adopting an African baby, interviewing celebrities, doing charity work and attempting to become heterosexual.

As expected, there is A LOT of  sexual content in the movie, which most of the time is hilarious. The real “holy shit!”s  though, actually come from the people’s reactions to Brüno’s questions and actions. Just like sometimes a woman is not comfortable with a guy getting too “touchy,” it’s a little understandable if a guy feels the same when a gay man “makes a move,” but throwing a chair at two guys kissing is pretty fucked up.

As much as I like Brüno, I think the Borat character works much better for this type of thing. It’s really easy to offend or piss off someone with sexual advances or comments and, though sometimes his shallowness and flamboyance is really funny too, that’s mostly what Brüno’s taunt arsenal contains. Borat had his foreignness, eagerness to learn and some other things that make people take him a little more seriously and “try harder” to deal with him. Don’t get me wrong, Brüno is still awesome, I just like Borat better.

Hilarious? I like!

Better that Borat? Ich dont think so!

Go watch it!

Hello, Blue Sky

June 8, 2009

A couple of weeks ago I found myself in need of a new TV show to watch. Dollhouse ended, Kings doesn’t come back until June 13 and, after watching a couple of episodes, I couldn’t really get into Mad Men (I’ll give it another shot later). Trying to figure out what show I should spend more hard drive space money on, I found out about Breaking Bad. According to a friend of mine, it was “kind of like Weeds, but the guy’s a chemist and sells meth instead of marijuana.” I’ve wanted to watch Weeds for a while, but the fact that there were four seasons out already made it seem too long a download expensive. Breaking Bad’s second season was airing at the moment, so I figured it wouldn’t take me that long to catch up. With one of the most badass opening scenes I’ve ever seen, Breaking Bad was an excellent choice.

Pregnant-wife’d, teaching high-school chemistry and working part-time as a car wash employee, 50-year-old chemist Walter White is not really in the best economic situation. Things get even worse when god decides to say “Fuck you, Walter!” one more time and he is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Thanks to his brother-in-law’s, who is a DEA agent, bragging about his job, Walter realizes the best way to make sure his family’s money needs are taken care of before he dies: crystal meth. With the help of Jesse Pinkman, an old student of his who kind of knows the rules of “The Game,” Walter starts producing and selling what shortly becomes Albuquerque’s best meth.

As I mentioned before, the opening scene is enough to get you hooked at least for a couple of episodes. After the end of the first season, I started wondering how far they could take the plot, seeing as there’s not that many things an old nerd with lung cancer can do before he needs to be taken to the hospital. But as of the end of the current (second) season, the show has managed to stay really interesting, with no filler sub-plots or useless characters. The acting is really good, especially Bryan Cranston’s. Normally when there’s a character like Walter, a “weak” person who suddenly becoming a badass, it’s kind of funny. Not with Walter. He manages to pull it off in a non-cartoony way that makes you go “holy shit, this Walter guy is not fucking around!,” taking the character seriously and actually feeling for him. Although some of the situations he gets in are a little extreme, the character is always very real. Also, Bob Odenkirk guest stars in some episodes, and his character is all kinds of awesome.

After I finished Breaking Bad, I decided to watch Weeds to see how similar they were. They are completely different shows. The premise is kind of similar, but Weeds aims at making you laugh more than anything. It’s really good though, so you should check it out too.

All in all, Breaking Bad it’s a really good and promising series. I can’t wait to see where they take it with season three. New Weeds season starts tomorrow, so that’ll keep me entertained for now.

Hey, sup?

March 6, 2009

OK. After thinking about it for a while, I finally decided to blog for real.


This little corner of The Internet is where I’ll occasionally be telling you what I think about…stuff, mostly by overusing the word “awesome.”

I know it looks really simple and I should make it prettier, but the aesthetics bug hasn’t bitten me yet; I know at some point it will.